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Carmela Española

carmelaCarmela’s love for nature and wild life started way before her scientific discovery of a new bird specie in the forest of Calayan, one of the Babuyan Islands in northern Philippines in 2004. She volunteered for various organizations that reflected her passion for wild life conservation and interest in the study of birds and other flora and fauna, such as the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project and Fauna and Flora International.

A wildlife biologist by profession, Carmela discovered a group of dark brown plumed birds with distinctive orange beaks and legs foraging in the forest and identified it as the Calayan Rail or (Gallirallus calayanensis) or known to locals as the “piding”. Not only a contribution to science, this discovery has also provided Calayan with eco-tourism opportunities, attracting bird watching enthusiasts to their localities.

Carmela is the co-founder of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, a recreational bird-watching organization and serves on the board of the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines and is one of the country representatives of the Oriental Bird Club. She is currently completing post-graduate research at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines is a C.O.R.E. Partner, read about them here.

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