C.O.R.E.  the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition

Nature Class


Empowering Educators to nurture the next generation responsible eco-conscious youth.
CORE believes that learning is not just confined to a classroom. Experience provides teachers and students with a richer and deeper understanding of concepts and topics. This is the theme of Nature Class, an outdoor environment education program targeted towards educators and academicians.

Through fieldwork opportunities, training from scientific experts and environmental conservationists, teachers gain first-hand knowledge and experience that will enable them to give more animated lectures and encourage students to be more appreciative of science and respectful to the balance of nature. Aside from organizing outdoor immersion and fieldtrips, CORE ensures that teachers and educators are equipped with clear and colorful printed teaching aids and multimedia tools that will allow them to best relay their lessons and their experiences to their students.

Coming Soon: Currently in the works is the Nature Class Honors Award, a recognition program for schools’ efforts in raising awareness on environmental issues and challenges in their respective institutions. Their extraordinary effort in environmental advocacy serves as a model and an inspiration to other schools and learning organizations.

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Nature Class Projects: