C.O.R.E.  the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition

The Exploreum experience for the Curious Minds

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Fun-filled and children-centric—this was the general atmosphere during the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition’s second volunteerism activity held last December 13, 2014 at the SM Mall of Asia Exploreum. Through this commitment to volunteerism, C.O.R.E. was able to bring together a total of 40 volunteers coming from different units of the Primer Group of Companies such as Accounting, Admin, Business Development and Corporate Communications (BDCC), Corporate Planning and Strategy, Design and Construction (DCD), Human Resources (HRD), Marketing Services (MSD); Uniglobe Travelware, Co. Inc. Union Inks and Graphics Philippines, Inc. (UIGPI) and Warehouse and Logistics (WHL)–that encompasses its Retail, and Industrial businesses; and Shared Services.

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Gathering of the KaPrimer volunteers started with a gigantic coloring book-inspired poster for Curious Minds—Light Up A Child’s World! Later on, all the slots were taken up by the next batch of “C.O.R.E. movers”. An orientation was facilitated wherein they were duly informed of their role on their day with the CCT-Pasay kids, and they were really excited days before as they choose the perfect gift for the children.

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On the event itself, 32 kids (aged 5-6) were present together with their parents. They were organized by the Center for Community Transformation (CCT), the same partner of C.O.R.E. with “Larong Pinoy” held last October. The Exploreum let the children’s minds wander and wonder throughout the guided science tour. Together with the KaPrimer C.O.R.E. movers, and their guardians, the day was transformed for the utmost enjoyment and learning of the children. They will leave the premises as another happy memory of their childhood.

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C.O.R.E. is the advocacy arm of the Primer Group of Companies—Asia’s Next Retail Giant. For more information, visit our websites at coreasia.org.ph, and primergrp.com. Follow us on Facebook at CORE.ph and PrimerGroup.